Photo credit to: Inga Pae Peterson

My story

I am a painter, photographer, and a performer. My passion for motorcycles and racing has given me my voice and a way to speak through images. As a woman racer/rider I have experienced all the steriotypes that comes through the motorcycle world. My work is meant to defy those steriotypes and prove that as women we are knowledgeable, we can learn everything about engines and do it correctly. I want to showcase women and men in opposite gender roles with a new perspective towards racing. Men are just as beautiful on motorcycles as women are; so why can't we be equal in the motorcycle world? 

I have a huge passion for motorcycle racing and its one of the things I will never give up. Thankfully it has also fueled my passion for art and with those two hand in hand I want to be the voice for those who are undermined in the mechanics/racing world.