Fade to black Triumph fuel tank

I created this fuel tank for the Left Hand Label art show that happened in January. I got some great reactions from everyone and many thought it was a creative way to use a fuel tank. My peice was in the silent auction but sadly didn't sell but not a day after posting it for sale on facebook that I sold it! I sold it to a friend, Poll Brown that owns a motorcycle shop in Oakland, CA. It travelled a long way and the biggest box made it to his doorstep safely! It was the first piece of art I sold and it won't be the last!! If you like the art I have up on my website please email me! 

Thanks, Mikaela 

Behind the scenes of Dirtbike Glitter

It was a crisp Sunday morning when Veronica Cook (model) and I got coffee and started going over how the shoot was going to go. We travelled over to my garage and I began setting up the shoot, starting with the generator not working. It took a while for the little generator to warm up but after idling on the choke for a while it was running steadliy. I set up the lights and finished Veronica's makeup in about a half hour. Everything was ready and as I went to load my film in my camera, I had forgotten to put new batteries in the night before. So I sped to the store, grabbed batteries and was back in 13 minutes. Needless to say it started off to be a rocky shoot but it ended well and Veronica was a very pacient and fantastic model to work with. Thanks Veronica!